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Library membership for industry players

In addition to information about materials, a list of manufacturers and their contact details is also available. Keyword search only returns hits for materials from reliable sources.

With the opportunities provided by the international database, design is not limited by borders. Suggested and/or possible uses are indicated by several material manufacturers to help make choices easier.

Library membership brings the latest patents, alternatives and trends within arm’s reach.

  • Unlimited search in the online database
  • Access to the material library during opening hours
  • Participation in material library events (workshops, presentations) free of charge
  • Consultation with the head of the material library by prior appointment
  • Contact information of manufacturing companies

Membership is valid for a period of one year from the date of payment of the membership fee (for free membership from the date of registration).

Private individuals

Private individuals not currently employed by MOME

Companies category 1

Companies (with a sales revenue below HUF 500 million)

Companies category 2

Companies (with a sales revenue above HUF 500 million)

You are welcome to attend events even if you are not a member of the library.
In this case, a fee of EUR 30 per person will be charged for attendance.